Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sinkhole by Wendy Reakes: Claims to be a contemporary Jules Verne but I don't know about that!

Sinkhole: Just when you thought it was safeSinkhole: Just when you thought it was safe by Wendy Reakes

Review by Lynnette Phillips

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There were just too many misspellings, grammar goofs and digital formatting problems in this book so I finally stopped reading before my brain blew a fuse. In all fairness, reviewing a book issued in ebook edition has other things to consider besides plot flow and writing technique and this is what I ran into with this book.

As I read along trying to enjoy the story - and let me say up front, this author probably wrote a very entertaining, imaginative and even enticing, compelling tale - I realized that editing and proofreading hadn't been a part of the game plan when it came to issuing this book. There were more than a few 'bloopers' that would have been caught that should have been caught but the biggest problem seemed to be the Kindle edition's formatting. At one point the next chapter was an exact repeat of the chapter I had just read but I decided to go on - I found a couple chapters on that evidently there was valuable information to be garnered from that missing chapter. Shortly down the road 'formatting code' started creeping into the text.

I gave up.

I'm sorry Wendy, but the publisher (is it BookRix?) owes you!

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