Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lawyers, Guns and Money by J.D. Rhoades is Reviewed

"Three can keep a secret...if two are dead."

Has this become Blainesville's Motto?

Lawyers, Guns and Money

Attorney Andy Cole goes to the office for just another where he's retained on a murder case. This isn't going to be a run-of-the-mill case. Andy finds himself, his colleagues, allies and friends embroiled in the town's secrets. Andy gets more than his fair share of surprises as things heat up and the pace builds. Just how corrupt are things in Blainesville and exactly who are the villains? 

This was definitely a strong thriller filled with tension ridden characters and written with a masterful guiding hand steering me through the corruption those characters face. 

J.D. Rhoades, author of the Kindle bestseller BREAKING COVER and an attorney himself, turns his eye on his own profession in a book that combines the hard-boiled tone of the classic P.I novel with the white-knuckle suspense of the legal thriller.

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