Sunday, July 17, 2011

Havasu Means Blue Water e-Book Trailer

Havasu Means Blue Water is a novel about a fictional town called Wilburn, Arizona. It is a town with a violent past on the brink of collapse that finds a chance at redemption with the arrival of a young, graduate student, Lyla Amir, there to do research on the lynching of a black farmer and his wife decades earlier. She becomes part of a series of transformative events that will rewrite history and offer the town hope for a different future.

Please Read my review of this poignant novel


  1. Sifting through the ashes...Lynnette, my dear, You have found your medium - once again - THIS is easily one of the most impressive book trailers I have ever, ever seen! Nice work, your clients must be so pleased to have you in their corner - be proud of yourself!

  2. Thank you Emily - but I must confess this wasn't my work - I'm afraid that this time I only shared the trailer of a book I had reviewed :(