Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Charlestown Connection by Tom McDonald–#Review #Books #Mystery

Publisher - Oceanview. Aug. 2011. c.260p. ISBN 9781608090242. $25.95. M

Ex-drunk and ex–football player Dermot Sparhawk is just beginning his new life, 30 days after hitting bottom, when his godfather, Jeepster Hennessey, staggers into Dermot’s office with a knife sticking out of is back. Jeepster murmurs one last word, passes Dermot a key, and dies. Dermot discovers that Jeepster has left quite a trail behind him as various parties from the local IRA, the Boston police, and even the FBI grace his door. Trusting only his closest buddies, Dermot wades into this mess and uncovers an art forgery ring that challenges assumptions in the city’s highest art circles. It’s all about strategy (remember those football plays) in this ambitious debut. 

VERDICT Brisk pacing and plenty of bad guys keep the pages turning in MacDonald’s art heist tale. The jump into art forgery is a big leap, but Mac­Donald keeps all his plays moving in a winning style. He introduces intriguing, flawed characters and atypical neighborhoods, making for a highly entertaining read.

Source: The Library Journal


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