Monday, February 24, 2014

Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' and Why She Is The Grand Dame of The Mystery Novel

I was first introduced to Agatha Christie's talents as a preteen by my mother. She was watching the movie adapted from the book And Then There Were None which starred the incredible Barry Fitzgerald...I've been compelled to watch it several times since for my own reasons.

Years later, while browsing the library shelves, I came across Mrs. Christie's book, And Then There Were None. At the time I didn't know it had become the "best-selling mystery ever written"; I just thought I'd find out how closely the movie followed the book. 

And Then There Were None follows a group of invited guests to an isolated island where they become the prey of a perverse judge seeking to bring them to justice for crimes committed in their past.

I quickly became a fan of Agatha Christie novels. She has never disappointed me. Dare I say Agatha Christie novels are just plain ingenious. She can keep you guessing until the end. They have to be the most clever, well-written, surprising tales ever written. The intricacies, characters and now historic locales and events are always a marvel and a satisfying treat. 

Mrs. Christie's own life seems to follow one of her novels but this is an even greater enticement to read her novels. She was my introduction to the world of mystery novels and I've never found her equal. I just keep reading mysteries, thrillers and suspense novels looking for someone who can compare. 

So far Agatha Christie is in a class of her own.


  1. I don't know how to review such a masterpiece as any words of praise would be insufficient to do justice to it. I have been a die hard fan of mystery books and must have read over 80 to 90 mystery book titles written as early as 1920s and as late as 2013. This novel is so far, the best of all murder mysteries I have ever read. If someone is new to Crime genre, and picks up this book, then I am sure they will read all the rest of Agatha Christie's works.

    This novel has inspired many stage plays and movies. The super hit Indian movie Gumnaam has heavily borrowed its plot from this book.

    If you are an avid reader, I can assure that you would finish the book in one go. It is unputdownable.

  2. I think you just did review it Amit!