Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Butterfly Hollow by Maria Cisneros Toth #MG #Depression

Charlene is heart broken. They've taken her Daddy away for murdering Otis Beecher. He didn't do it the Gator-Man did. Momma is so sad she just sleeps and seems like she's bent on swilling all of Daddy's moonshine since she can't buy anymore headache medicine. If anyone is going to do something it's up to Charlene.

Charlene's first adventure: Find her Daddy's remaining moonshine jugs and sell it to his regular customers - she's hungry.

You'll love Charlene's courage and persistence and Mrs. Toth guides us through her adventures with her friends in tow. There's never an idea, thought or detail missed but you never have to worry about the action stopping or slowing down so they won't be missed.

About the Author

Maria was born and raised in Southern California where she still lives today with her husband of 35 years, Joey, and their two spoiled dogs, Jack and Sally. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and she is a huge Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas fan. An advocate of children’s literacy, she has a background in journalism. Maria has always been drawn to books and movies with main characters who are writers, and she is a big softie for dogs woven into stories. Maria and her husband raised two wonderful sons, Joey and Karl. She adores her grandchildren, the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and mango-flavored iced tea. Other books by Maria include the Monster Moon Mystery series. She co-wrote the first two middle-grade books under the pseudonym BBH McChiller with her two ZomBuddies, Lynn Kelley and Kathryn Sant. Titles include Curse at Zala Manor and Secret of Haunted Bog. Both books are available as ebooks and hardback.

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