Review/Guest Blogger Policy

September 2013

As you've noticed lately this blog has taken a new direction. I'm falling back on the contributions of others, doing fewer in depth reviews (unless done by someone else) and recommending the books I most enjoy with only a brief write-up included.

So if you'd like to contribute something relating to books [re: libraries, authors, reading lists, reviews, interviews, etc.] contact me with your ideas and thoughts and we'll 'talk' about the content of your post. My email address is below.

  • I stick with fiction (only)
  • Genres I review are YA, Historical Fiction, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
  • Author interviews/spotlights can feature writers in any genre
  • If the post is to include an excerpt please stick with YA, Historical Fiction and Mystery genres and fiction, of course

Why would you want your content to appear on this blog?

  • Exposure~First of all this blog gets 2500+ view per month not to mention the RSS feeds...
    • The feed for posts that appear on this blog go out to my Twitter and Facebook accounts but also has a further reach of 46K via Triberr
  • Promotion~Your 500-750 word post will also include an additional 50 word bio at the end of the post where you can link to your website or book (one link per post)
  • Advertising~Another benefit of your post will be 30 days of free advertising on my blog: I will feature an image of your book with a link to your purchase page of choice (Amazon, your website, etc.)
You can email me at 

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