Monday, November 29, 2010

On the Run (The Elijah Project) Ages 9-12

"The action doesn't stop..."

On the Run is the first book in Bill Myers Elijah Project series published by ZONDERKIDZ, whose guiding principle is "inspiring young lives".  The paperback was released April 14, 2009.

We are introduced to Zach (16), Piper (13) and Elijah (6) in On the Run. They have been separated from their parents and are being chased themselves. But by who and why? They are joined by two friends from school who help them stay a step ahead of their pursuers.

The reading level for this adventure is 9-12 year old readers but it kept me reading to find out what happens next. The action doesn't stop and makes me wish I still had a preteen in my life so I had an excuse to have the next books in the series on my shelf.

Bill Myers is a writer and film director whose work has won both national and international awards. His books and videos have sold over 5 million copies.

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