Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Savage Nights, a Suspense Thriller by W D Gagliani @wdgagliani

This is a fantastic read but be warned…it is definitely not a PG-13 rated book. Although the author warned me about the explicit sex and violence in this book when he contacted me as a reviewer, I was still not prepared for the graphic dreams and flashbacks of a Viet Nam Tunnel Rat veteran suffering from PTSD.
Thus warned (but be prepared) don’t miss out on this fantastic suspense thriller.

Kit, a college co-ed from a dysfunctional family, is kidnapped from the mall while Christmas shopping with her roommate Irina. Her father, Ralph, a weakling in every possible sense and unable to handle even the slightest amount of stress, calls on his brother Rich Brant to help rescue Kit.

Rich, a former Tunnel Rat in the Viet Nam War suffering from PTSD, is closer to Kit than her own father; whereas, Ralph retreats to a corner to tremble, Rich goes into action. He quickly finds that the police aren’t interested in helping so he calls in favors from his past to gather information. He is led to believe that the Serbian mafia, now operating in this country, has taken Kit and intend to sell her into the sex trade.

Is he receiving psychic messages from Kit asking him to please find her and letting him know she is running out of time?

Suspense thriller Savage Nights by W D Gagliani is published by Tarkus Press and released March 22, 2010.

W.D. Gagliani is the author of the horror/crime thriller WOLF'S TRAP, a Bram Stoker Award nominee, as well as WOLF'S GAMBIT and WOLF'S BLUFF (Leisure Books). WOLF'S EDGE may arrive in 2011. Also the author of the thriller SAVAGE NIGHTS, available for the Kindle and other e-formats.
Gagliani is also the author of various short stories published in anthologies such as ROBERT BLOCH'S PSYCHOS, MORE MONSTERS FROM MEMPHIS, WICKED KARNIVAL HALLOWEEN HORROR, THE BLACK SPIRAL, THE MIDNIGHTERS CLUB, THE ASYLUM 2, MASTERS OF UNREALITY, DARK PASSIONS: HOT BLOOD 13, MALPRACTICE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF BEDSIDE TERROR (the last three with David Benton), and more. Also see the Kindle book "The Great Belzoni and the Gait of Anubis."

He has also written book reviews, articles, and interviews that have been published in places such as THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, CHIZINE, CEMETERY DANCE, HORRORWORLD, HELLNOTES, FLESH & BLOOD, BOOKPAGE, BOOKLOVERS, THE SCREAM FACTORY, HORROR MAGAZINE, SF CHRONICLE, BARE BONES, and others. Also published in the Writers Digest book ON WRITING HORROR (edited by Mort Castle) and in THRILLERS: THE 100 MUST READS (ed by Morrell & Wagner), published by Oceanside for the International Thriller Writers.

His interests include old and new progressive rock, synthesizers, weapons, history and alternate history and steampunk, military history, movies, book reviewing, and plain old reading and writing. He is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and the International Thriller Writers (ITW). He lives and writes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Review by Lynnette Phillips, Avid Book Reviews

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