Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jenkins: Confederate Blockade Runner by Emily Hill #HistoricalFiction #BookTrailer

C. T. Jenkins was born into a prominent Baltimore family in 1811 and, defying the wishes of his father to join in the family enterprises, left home after the Leonid meteor showers of 1833 to follow his own dreams of independence becoming an Indian scout, property owner, legislator, Civil War hero, prisoner of war, family man.

At midlife Jenkins, missing the family life he once spurned, enters into a December-May union. Living with his wife, Eliza, and their children on the coast of the secessionist state of Florida and a as member of the Confederate army, he becomes a blockade runner. When he is captured and taken North he must reach out to the relations he once spurned in order to survive prison life and return to his family who are struggling to survive in Florida.

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