Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lincoln’s Diary by D. L. Fowler ~A #Review


Before I knew it I was totally enjoying Lincoln’s Diary but not because of the title or locale any longer. Now it was because I was enthralled by the story and characters. Let me explain.

I was initially drawn to D. L. Fowler’s novel, Lincoln’s Diary, by the title. Since I was a child I’ve been both a Lincoln and a history buff. After I started to read I realized many of the settings were local for me and I could ‘see’ where Sarah was, what stores and neighborhoods she was passing. But as I kept turning the pages the plot and characters became strong and enticing.

Sarah is cleaning out her mother’s house when a courier arrives with a check in payment for some documents her mother had sold to a university professor in California. Sarah becomes curious as to what her mother might have sold. Her Grandmother Cassie had always talked about the Lincoln Diary that Sarah’s grandfather had given her to keep safe. Mom wouldn’t sell that, would she?

Sarah goes to California to talk to the professor in person only to find he has been murdered just before her scheduled appointment. Now she’s not only being accused of the murder but she’s receiving threatening phone calls and being stalked. And now the federal government is weighing in expecting her to just turn over the diary, which, by the way, she’s only heard about.

Does the diary prove that Abraham Lincoln planned his own assassination? What kind of reason would someone have for doing such a thing?

D L Fowler and Harbor Hill publishing have brought us a fast paced journey started by the simple act of asking a question and now things have spiraled out of control.

About the Author: DL Fowler likes to say he gets inside people's heads and writes fiction based on what he finds in there. He served in the military as a linguist, and his early years were spent in Southern California where he attended high school and college, earning a bachelors degree in English at USC. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife near their three grandchildren.

Visit www.dlfowler.com to see some Lincoln trivia questions, his blog, his flash fiction and more.

Lincoln’s Diary is Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google eBookstore

Review by Lynnette Phillips, Avid Book Reviews

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