Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Jackpot by David Kazzie #LegalThriller #Kindle @DavidKazzie

JackpotJackpot is definitely a different kind of legal thriller. You’ve probably seen David’s You Tube hits So You Want To Go To Law School and So You Want To Write A Novel but until you’ve read his debut novel you can’t fully appreciate his flair for dark humor.

Julius buys the $415 million winning ticket in SuperLotto. He’s so dumbfounded by his good fortune he’s not sure what to do next so he seeks out the advice of attorney Samantha Khouri.

Samantha has had what might be called a bad day; she was passed over for partnership at her law firm, faced dinner at her parents’ where her mother invited the ‘perfect man’ for her and now she is being pursued by a Darwinian psychopath.

What a way to spend the Christmas holiday!

David Kazzie is a lawyer in Virginia where he writes fiction in his spare time. Some of the most absurd stories I’ve ever heard came from law cases…is this how David Kazzie honed his fiction and dialogue skills?

The fast-pace and rich details of this thriller combined with the entertaining and crisp dialogue of Jackpot make this novel and David Kazzie a new favorite.

Review by Lynnette Phillips

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