Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can we talk? Rather, can I, share a bit?

Sometimes I go MIA. This can happen for various reasons but one thing you can trust to happen is a lot of reading and this past couple of weeks were no different...I was reading (among other things) and I wanted to share a brief run down with you.

[Be Warned: I go through good books the same way flames go through dry grass.]  


First up was a never-before-published Agatha Christie tale, Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly. A previously unread murder account by the Queen of Crime and an incredibly satisfying delight. Enough said. Here's a link to the complete review by yours truly.
Only 75 pages and available on Kindle and Nook.

I switched gears a bit and really burned up the pages when it came to James Patterson's Private LA. I downloaded the 1st 14 chapter preview which only made me want more. I got it in the form of the hardcover version - I really really enjoy turning pages - and this was a real page-turner (note the pun). 

Jack Morgan investigates the disappearance of one of Hollywood's biggest superstar couples and we're rewarded with all of the twists, turns and surprising plot developments we can handle. Another super read you shouldn't miss.

In Anthony Bruno's Devil's Food, the first book in his Loretta Kovacs thriller series, I was taken on a fast and furious chase when Loretta starts on a desperate make-it-or-break-it job with the Jump Squad to bring in a parole violater. Talk about tension!

Then back to some historical fiction with one of Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Mysteries, Murder in Chelsea. Sarah Decker definitely knew what she wanted when she fled New York's world of the high society elite to marry. Now she's a widow, though and stumbling on murders in New York's working class neighborhoods. I must really enjoy women that know their minds and stand firmly before their fears because as a midwife, Mrs. Sarah Brandt has faced down all manner of individuals from thugs to captains of industry to get at the truth in places I'm not sure I'd go.

All of this after coming off the suspenseful joyride of Hallways In The Night. The legal thriller by R. C. O'Leary. You can read his Trials and Tribulations when writing his novel on this blog.
When a veteran cop tries to arrest baseball's home run king, one of them ends up on trial and the other ends up dead.

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