Monday, December 20, 2010

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton - Reviewed

by Kate Morton The Forgotten Garden, A Novel 1ST edition
 A Novel 1ST edition

The allure of the secrets will keep you turning the pages..

Kate Morton has followed "The House at Riverton" with another engaging read. At first glance it may seem an ardous read but don't let that keep you from one of the most gripping novels you'll ever be exposed to. Published by Atria on 2009 "The Forgotten Garden" spans several generations and more than 75 years.

The story opens with a 3-year-old castaway bound for Australia. She has been told to wait on the ship and the Authoress will be back before the ship leaves. The little girl arrives in Austrailia alone. She does not even know her name. The dockmaster takes her home to his wife. She doesn't hear the story until her 21st birthday and the loving family she has always known become strangers to her.

The Distant Hours: A Novel
 Distant Hours
Published November 2010

She needs to know the truth but life has a way of not cooperating until she has become a grandmother. Her quest leads her to the Cornwall coast of England where she begins to find answers and determines to return but once again life intervenes.

Kate Morton has always been in love with words. Her published works have made bestsellers lists in Australia, England and the United States.

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