Friday, November 22, 2013

Take a Halloween Birthday, Add A Young Witch With New Powers and You Get a Surprising Evening #YA #Review

It's Halloween and your birthday too and what a surprise Aunt Iris has for you!

Dad has a new live-in girlfriend and Tamsin isn't looking forward to her family birthday dinner in the least. Aunt Iris hasn't even been invited since she and Tamsin's Dad don't exactly get along. Oh well, Tamsin will just go over and visit her late mother's sister anyway and receives a 16th birthday present from her mother that Aunt Iris has been keeping for her.

What a surprise...followed by more surprises!

Halloween may be over but you don't need a special day to enjoy this action filled and fun short. Surprise your favorite pre-teen with a fast magical Kindle romp for just $.99.

About the Author

Stella Wilkinson lives in Somerset, England, UK
Even though Stella is now old and married and really dull, she wishes she could have been forever a Young Adult/New Adult.
She says: In The Flirting Games series my little world revolves around a group of teenagers at Boarding School in England. Mainly their romances, after all what is more fun than that? Book 2, More Flirting Games, and Book 3, Further Flirting Games are also available. There may be more in The Flirting Games series, if you all like them enough; but I've got a few others up my sleeve too, some Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.
I love feedback and comments! Follow me on Twitter: @fantastyscribble
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More than anything I love to read, so chuck some recommendations at me too. Books are more precious then diamonds to me. My desk is in a room filled with shelf after shelf of antique books that I've never read but I keep collecting because the view of the spines alone is inspirational. To be fair most of the antique books look pretty dull inside, they have titles like 'Bridleways of Somerset'. These days, when I read, I use my kindle. My kindle is the item I would save from a fire, after family, and photos of course, oh and my laptop, and perhaps just a few of my first editions, and the chocolate hobnobs...

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