Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet Children's Author Kathy Webb Penrod and Tumptin #Video #Author

"I love this book. My daughter cannot put it down!"
Laurie Hansen

"I just received "Tumptin's Sneeze" and found it a great story with many fantastic lessons. The main message is about food allergies but it also is about compassion, friendship, problem solving and knowing kids can make a difference and shouldn't be ignored. Great job Kathy!"
Suzee Sanders

My love of books reaches far into my childhood. But my love of writing was inspired, in part, by the never-ending persistence of my sister, who would NOT STOP pestering me to write. She was inspired. Once I began, I realized this is what makes me whole. It connects my thoughts to my emotions and provides such soothing comfort. I am so grateful that my sister didn’t give up on encouraging me to write. 

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Hosted by Lynnette Phillips

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