Friday, February 4, 2011

REVIEW: Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt

Dog Tags
Dog Tags plot yields all the twists and turns critical to great legal suspense combined with wit, banter and gripping courtroom scenes. Andy Carpenter takes on only cases that appeal to him and being the dog lover he is he can’t resist defending Milo, the police dog slash canine thief. Milo has been locked up under armed guard for working with his best friend Billy, an ex-cop and Iraq war veteran turned thief.

Billy Zimmerman has been arrested for murder but feels Milo needs Andy’s services more than he does. After Andy wins Milo’s release he convinces Billy that he’s being set up by the powers responsible for the explosion in Iraq that took his leg...or maybe it’s the FBI that’s plotting his confinement. Anyway, Billy needs an attorney whether he wants one or not.

Andy assembles a defense team made up of his ex-cop girlfriend, Laurie, who becomes his lead investigator and Hike, his gloomy law partner. Also indispensable is Sam, computer guru and Andy’s accountant and Willie, Andy’s former client and now partner in his dog rescue foundation, who enthusiastically helps wherever he’s needed. Then there’s Marcus who becomes Milo’s bodyguard and Laurie’s investigative staff.
Reviewed by Lynnette Phillips, Avid Book Reviews

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