Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Waiting For My Wife by Ben Killingsworth

Waiting for My Wife
Ben Killingsworth made a conscious decision to become a law enforcement officer rather than a writer. Fortunately for us when he left the California Highway Patrol he moved to a small mountain community and followed his dream of writing. A collection of his newspaper columns, “Waiting For My Wife”, was released by Outskirts Press December 22, 2010.

Among his lighthearted observations are the situations that seem to encourage politeness, cowboys love chili and how lucky it is for husbands just waiting around that the state vagrancy laws were declared “unconstitutional”.

Another thing he’s noticed…There are roughly four prevalent stances involved in photography: at least one of those positions could be damaging to your sacroiliac. And did you know what many of us wives have learned…husbands and grocery stores don’t mix? This must be a fact of nature a lot like most wives shouldn't be asked to run to the auto parts store.

I think even Audrey (who’s Audrey you ask-read the book) would agree that Mr. Killingsworth’s wit makes this book a delightful and entertaining way to spend some time…maybe while you’re waiting for your wife.

Reviewed by Lynnette Phillips, Avid Book Reviews

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