Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The End and the Beginning a novel of #historicalfiction set on the American frontier


PRLog (Press Release)Mar 14, 2011 – The northwest territories were unlike any other land in America with it’s enormous lakes, great rivers, endless dark forests and vast prairies providing habitat and sustenance to the original people for thousands of years was about to come to an end. The unrelenting migration from the east by European settlers threatened the very existence of the native people. They would make a stand to save their civilization.    

South of the great Ohio River other Europeans were also moving westward and bringing with them their black property to build and work new tobacco and cotton plantations. Many of these slaves heard of a chance for freedom in the new state of Ohio and further north beyond its border, Canada, where black men could live free and prosper. Many would risk everything for a chance to be free.

Into this crucible of conflict and change author Jim Oleson introduces a young, homeless Jim Morgan who travels through this critical period in American history.  His adventures find him as a reluctant soldier in the early battles of the war of 1812 and he is there when Chief Tecumseh and his Indian alliance fight their last desperate battle.  Jim rescues and protects labithia an escaped slave girl from violent slave catchers and he learns first hand the cruelty of this dark institution.

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