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#Review: Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark #LegalThriller

Marcia Clark was an expert while serving on the job of District Guilt by AssociationAttorney. Does she know how to write a good book? That was the question in my mind before I started reading Guilt by Association. We know that some people take advantage of their fame and try to capitalize on it. It took only the first few chapters to convince me that Marcia Clark did indeed write an excellent crime thriller.

Assistant D.A. Rachel Knight works for L.A.'s Special Trials Unit. The main purpose of this group of attorneys is to handle high-profile cases.

Guilt by Association consists of two plots. One involves the rape of a teenager who is the daughter of a well-known physician. Her father believes he knows who committed this crime but the daughter denies that the man her father is accusing is the rapist. Rachel is under pressure to find out the truth.

The second case involves the death of Rachel's friend and colleague, prosecutor Jake Pahlmeyer. Rachel has been known to continue working at the office long after most people have gone home. As Rachel leaves the office, she notices some commotion and soon discovers that her friend Jake is dead. She is later informed that he was possibly involved in some pedophile activity and the death was a murder-suicide. Rachel does not believe this about her friend. Her office is not allowed to be involved in the case but that does not stop her from trying to prove Jake would not be involved in this type of behavior.

Is Rachel able to solve these two cases in time knowing that the pressure is on more than ever? Since there are two plots, the reader has much going on at the same time. You need to really pay attention in order to put all parts of the puzzle together.

Rachel is a character you learn to like right from the beginning. She is determined to risk everything in order to find out the truth about Jake. I enjoyed the way Rachel interacted with her friends Toni and Bailey. This added some humor to the story. The book is filled with details and it is easy to understand why. Marcia Clark brings her expertise of working as a D.A. to the story and this makes everything really come to life. If you like romance added to the mix, you will find some of that too in Guilt by Association. I look forward to the next book by Marcia Clark.

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