Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Future of Self-Publishing Services by Jane Friedman

This past year has seen significant and well-publicized developments for self-published authors. It’s probably not necessary to point out what the high-IMG_4634-Edit-copyprofile success stories are, but in case you need a reminder:

  • JA Konrath. Formerly a midlist author with a New York house, now a successful self-publishing author on Kindle, who earned at least $42,000 in January 2011 alone. [Read more here.]
  • Amanda Hocking. Started out self-publishing on Kindle, now selling 100,000 e-books per month, and considering a 7-figure deal with a New York house. [Read more here.]
  • Barry Eisler. New York Times bestseller, soon to be self-publishing on Kindle instead of taking a $500K deal from St. Martin’s. [Read more here.]

Guess what? Not a single one of these authors used (or will use) a fee-based self-publishing service. They’re also not depending on print sales or distribution. They are earning significant dollars from low-priced e-books that move in high quantities. You can read more about the mass-market e-book phenomenon from Mike Shatzkin. And if you think these 3 authors are the exception to the rule, then read this post from JA Konrath.

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