Sunday, April 10, 2011

#NewBook: Letters to Bangkok ~ true story of love born on the internet…

From author John Smith comes Letters to Bangkok, a unique and life-changing story about the journey of two people in their quest for finding love. This story of love begins, as many stories of this genre do, when two people meet by chance.

Letters to Bangkok is a true story of love born on the internet between a practicing Thai surgeon and an English University marketing manager. It is, in essence, a story of this time spawned by the age of mass communication, and acted out for the most part with protagonists living thousands of miles apart. The letters are true and exact records of written exchanges between two people trying to find love. As the story unfolds with the protagonists facing many obstacles from within themselves and without, the author offers a running commentary on what is happening, shedding light on the story as it twists and turns to its inevitable conclusion.

Also a story of personal resonance, Letters to Bangkok is without doubt an amazing story of love, of dreams and of destiny foretold.

About the Author
John Smith lives in a small market town within the Greater London area, England, some seventeen miles to the West of the city center. Originally brought up in the North of England, his family for generations fished the cod off the Icelandic sea banks. His tribal influences are mixed, Irish from his mother's side and Scottish from his father's forebears. Formerly serving a number of years in the Royal Air Force including lengthy overseas tours, he ended his military service in the 1990s to take up a career in marketing at a London University, where he has been employed for the last seventeen years. Studying with the Open University, he graduated in 1992 majoring in Psychology. Letters to Bangkok fulfills a boyhood dream of becoming a writer. Letters to Bangkok * by John Smith

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