Monday, April 11, 2011

#Review: Shadow of the Past by Thacher E Cleveland @demonweasel #horror #supernatural

Kindle Edition

10-year-old Darren is playing a neighborhood baseball game when the ball flies into the yard of the creepiest house around. The house is right across the street from his house, he can see it from the window of his room, at night he could swear it’s actually staring at him. Without realizing it he runs after the fly ball hoping he can get it in time to get Ralphie out. Late that night a strange visitor explodes from the dark in his bedroom. There’s a raspy whisper of Rosemary Clooney’s song “Come on-a my house, my house-a come on . . .” as he feels his lungs crushing his heart and a flash of silver slams into his temple.

Decades later Mark, an unpopular high school student living with his Uncle Joe, starts having a dream that seems to be set in the 50s about a boy watching the house across the street and being attacked in his room.

Mark is celebrating his 16th birthday with his only friends, Steve and Clara at Clara’s store and Christine, the new girl from school when something explodes  from the dark accompanied by the raspy whisper of Rosemary Clooney’s “Come on-a my house, my house-a come on . . .”.

Thacher E. Cleveland is a contributing writer & columnist for, co-host of the Super-Fly Comics & Games Podcast, novelist & comic creator. Originally from New Jersey and previously from Yellow Springs, Ohio, he currently lives in Chicago. Visit his website for more on his writing.

Shadow of the Past is available on Kindle at Amazon and Smashwords

By Lynnette Phillips, Avid Book Reviews

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