Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Should You Consider a Book Doctor?

MP900411777Affordable book doctor services can mean the difference between commercial success and failure for a self-published book. Spelling, grammar, usage errors and simple overall structural problems can go unnoticed by Indie authors in an unedited manuscript.


PRLog (Press Release)INTERNET—Lynnette Phillips, the Avid Reader Book Reviews Blogger, has announced the addition of book critiquing (book doctor) services allowing self-published authors an affordable alternative to costly editing options. As the Avid Reader Book Reviews Blogger, whose book reviews are widely read and followed by literary enthusiasts, Lynnette will thoroughly read your manuscript and assess six critical points. Then a summary letter is submitted to the author describing her findings, thoughts and opinions. A more detailed report will be available if desired.

Before you risk the expense of print on demand publishing, or the time commitment of uploading your work to an eReader tablet, Lynnette will coach you based on her experience of what is being read and how it’s being received. Avid Reader Book Critiques will privately and discreetly critique your book for the most successful launch you can hope for.

Based on research, an editor found on a writing forum or through a writer’s group, critiquing a 200 page paperback, will charge between $700-1500. Add to this the cost of basic proofreading, a step that is very unwise to skip, which will cost an additional $0-500 (you may know a friend who’ll provide this service for a low or even zero cost).  Avid Reader Book Critiques, however, is offering a more affordable solution and presently at an inaugural price of $99 with a discount of 50% for debut novelists and a 30-day turnaround guarantee.

“I really enjoy reading and reviewing novels and truly admire anyone brave enough to stare a blank page (i.e. computer monitor) in the face and finish with a book or even short story. I have found an added enjoyment when reading Indie authors’ works—I have discovered some real gems. Unfortunately, I have also read a number of self published authors’ works that had real potential but whose success was jeopardized by rushing to press,” Phillips said.

Lynnette Phillips, the Avid Reader Book Reviews Blogger, has written reviews for numerous novels and short stories and has established relationships with many authors and publishers. She is also author of the Confessions & Secrets of the Avid Book Reviews Blogger series (published in e-book format and available at Smashwords and Amazon). For more information about her book doctor services please visit http://avidbookreviews.blogspot.com/p/book-crtiques.html

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Lynnette is a Book Blogger, book reviewer, writer. Author of Confessions & Secrets of the Avid Book Reviews Blogger series. As a book marketer #1 in the series is Book Bloggers Sell Books, #2 is Kick Up Your Social Media Networking For Book Sales

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