Monday, April 25, 2011

“The World of Literature: What Every Author Needs to Know to Be Successful!”


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Tune in to this 2-part show 4/27 & 28 at 6 PM PST on BlogTalkRadio 

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Traditional Publishing Guests – Kristen Nelson, Literary Agent and Lou Aronica, Editor/Publisher

Indie Publishing Guests – Emily Hill, AV Harrison Publishing and Lynnette Phillips, Avid Book Reviews/Avid Reader Book Critiques & Barnes and Noble

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  1. Dear Lynnette,

    I am so looking forward to sharing the platform with you this early evening 6Pacific on BlogTalk Radio. I remember the first time that I 'surfed' for mentions of my debut novel, Jenkins: Confederate Blockade Runner, and realized that 'some woman' calling herself 'AvidReaderBookReviews' had an interest in my self-published novel and was mentioning the title on her website!

    I was beyond thrill! I called friends! I called dead relatives ;D [haHa - You ARE used to my humor now, aren't You?]

    I had learned at the 2010 PNWA conference that less than 1% of emerging authors were hooking up with agents and publishers 'nowadays' - because of the economy. At the conference Lisa Gardner admitted her six book history wasn't helping her find an agent; Boyd Morrison was talking 'indie-talk'; Bob Dugoni was counting the noses of unpublished authors. In some ways it was a sad conference, in some ways it was an exhilarating conference!

    Those who decided to Go Indie! found their niche.

    So, when I realized that an IndieAuthor, such as myself, who had done a professional job of publishing her work, could attract a top-notch book reviewer like You for 'Jenkins'...I was in Literary Love.

    Anyway, my 'mission' in life now is to show other writers how accessible their audience is to them if they would only drop old stereotypes and - Empower Themselves! - to SELF-publish - no contracting lulu's - pure DIY.

    So, thanks Lynnette. It's been a real pleasure making your acquaintance.

    See you on the air tonight! ;D Emily Hill