Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A.P. Fuchs Indie Author & Publisher Introduces His New Vampire Series for Teens~Listen on #BlogTalkRadio 5/16 @3PM Pacific

A.P. Fuchs launches the 1st three novellas in his new Blood of my World vampire series. All 3 are available in paperback & e-book platforms.
An early review: “A refreshing teen fantasy full of bite, blood and romance.” — K. H. Koehler, author of Raiju
Discovery of Death
Discovery of DeathWhen Zach goes missing for three months, Rose is heartbroken. Zach awakens in the dark of a coffin, his memory erased. A strange group of people who identify themselves as his family reveal he has become a vampire. Rose has also learned of her secret heritage: she comes from a long line of vampire slayers. It is only when her path accidentally crosses with Zach’s does love surface again.
Memories of Death
Memories of DeathNow submerged in the world of vampire slaying, Rose must come to terms with what that means for her relationship with Zach and if it’s even possible for the two of them to be together. Meanwhile, every moment spent with Rose helps bridge the gaps in Zach’s memory. The countdown begins and Zach and Rose must come to a decision as to where their loyalties lie.
Life of Death
Life of DeathNow disconnected from their families, Zach and Rose try and make it on their own away from the war between vampire and slayer. Is love enough? Before the two can find out, the vampire’s family comes for Zach and Rose, and the two are swept into a nightmare where there will be only one survivor.

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