Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Selling Authors Need to Be Hands-on Marketers To Triumph

coachAuthors feel success will somehow magically happen if they just write the book. They don’t realize they’ll have to do their own book marketing to find real success whether traditionally published or self- published, no matter what format.


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Too many authors feel that once they’ve completed their manuscript and its published their work is finished. Unfortunately, the real work is only just beginning. Self-published writers join the ranks of authors like Stephen King and Mark Twain, also self published. Would we have ever heard of them if they had just sat back after they published the book? No way!

Book marketing needs to be an ongoing process if you want to build a readership. It needs to be systematic and organized. It does not, however, need to be costly, unpleasant or complicated.

Lynnette Phillips, the author of the ‘The Confessions & Secrets of the Avid Book Reviews Blogger’ series of book marketing guides is unveiling her book marketing services to help resolve some of the promotional and marketing questions authors may have.

Long involvement in successful promotion projects has taught Ms. Phillips one basic tenant; the big difference between advertising and marketing is money. There are many realistically priced and even free marketing methods that will help get the ‘buzz’ going for your book and by taking the initiative you might even find book promotion to be enjoyable.

Lynnette is waiting to share her tips, techniques and strategies on subjects like:
•   News Releases And Sell Sheets
•   Making The Best Use Of Your Marketing Dollars
•   Social Media Networking
•   What To Include In Your Website Or Blog
•   Points You Might Want To Take Into Account In Your Marketing Plan
•   Resources, Links & Tools

Whether an author self-publishes or goes with a traditional publishing house they need to become a proactive marketer to attract readers. Take the initiative and contact the Avid Marketing Coach to win through marketing success.

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About Lynnette Phillips: Lynnette Phillips is the author of the Confessions & Secrets of the Avid Book Reviews Blogger series of marketing guides (available at Smashwords and Amazon in e-book format), a book doctor, book blogger and radio host.
For more information about her book market coaching please visit her at her blog site, Avid Reader Book Reviews.

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