Monday, May 23, 2011

Gypsy by Cat Sampson–A #Review

GypsyIn Cat Sampson’s debut novel, published by McKinney ePublishing, released May 11, 2011, you’re surprised to find yourself swiftly drawn in.

Gypsy opens as the narrator and her two best friends from childhood are watching bulldozers rip what is left of her childhood home apart after being struck by lightening. In what seem like journal entries she recalls her life. Her mother died when she was in the second grade, leaving her lonely and neglected. She still lived there with her Dad but he didn’t really notice her.

The narrative scenes are interlaced with haunting poetry. She struggles through childhood, into college where she completes a Master’s degree but can’t fathom why adulthood is so strange, why she feels just as lost as she did as a child. She’s always wandering, trying to find…something.

You can’t seem to put it the book down hoping she’ll finally find happiness and fascinated by the journey. At times you’ll laugh at others you’ll fight the tears. You might even find yourself thinking, yes I remember a time like that happened years ago.

About the Author: Cat's family and friends have encouraged her Cat Sampsongreatly to pursue her writing dreams. Although she almost gave up writing fiction and trying to get published, her friends always pushed her to continue. She has spent over 7 years writing, editing and revising Gypsy, which happens to be her first novel. After receiving over 70 rejection letters from publishers and agents, Cat received a yes from McKinney ePublishing. She hopes to continue writing fiction and working as a freelancer.

Find out more about Cat and her writing on her website. You’ll also find clips from her novel that I suspect will draw you in just as they did me.

Gypsy is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Send your comments and feedback to 

by Lynnette Phillips, Avid Book Reviews

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