Monday, May 2, 2011

The Proactive Author Wins - Book Marketing Use Blog Tours #BookMarketing

Book marketing is an ongoing process for an author. If you want to be a bestselling author you have to be proactive with your book marketing. Any author who understands the power of proactive book marketing .... wins.
Welcome to this marketing book marketing tip. To be successful in selling books the author must participate in the book marketing. Book Marketing is a long-term proposition. Many authors don't realize they have to do their own book marketing. Some will do only a bit of book marketing, often trying only one or two things and then say book marketing doesn't work.
You must be proactive in marketing your book. Book marketing is a systematized process. It is very strategic. One excellent book marketing strategy is what is called a Blog Tour.
To secure lots of blogging opportunities you have to know what you are going to say to a blog owner.
There has to be benefit to the blog owner. They want to know you are a good writer and this is a low risk marketing strategy.
In many ways blog tours have replaced traditional book signing. This is the social media marketing of book signings.
Your blog tour book marketing where should coincide with your overall marketing and book launch campaign.
Blog tours are one of the best book marketing strategies around. It does take an organized approach to have an effective book marketing campaign: you help them to promote
Book marketing is a great way to sell lots of books
What are you doing to market your books? Will you become a bestselling author by your book marketing approach?

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