Sunday, June 19, 2011

Julia's Way by Elizabeth Lord - Reviewed By Lynnette Phillips

Julia's WayBritish author Elizabeth Lord gives us a story of courage and fortitude in Julia's Way, one of the nine novels she's had published by Severn House. Julia and her story can at times be both charming and repellent. It is also rich in detail and an outstanding historical adventure.
Julia has grown up in London in a comfortable home on the outskirts of the East End. It's 1921 and Julia is about to be engaged. She's not sure she loves Chester but knows he'll provide a good life. Then her father suddenly dies leaving the family in poverty and Julia finds out who her friends are and are not including her fiance who is no longer interested in marriage to Julia.
The family is forced to move to a more 'affordable' neighborhood where they meet Simon Layzell. Between her mother's fragility and grief Julia must now take care of not only her siblings and mother but also find enough income for the family to survive. She and Simon go into partnership building a humble little shop into a hugely successful design house. But when the stock market crashes will Julia and Simon be able to maintain the business and life they have come to enjoy?
Elizabeth Lord conveys the story of Julia in a manner that flows naturally with details both accurate for the time frame and vivid in the telling. As we turn the pages we can feel not only Julia's frustration and determination but also the jubilation that comes with her success and the fear of destruction by circumstances beyond her control.
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