Friday, June 24, 2011

Many have asked, ‘Does a book review influence your decision to buy the book’? Want to know what you think!

MP910220965 (1) 50pcI can only answer for myself. A book review might tell me:

· The book is out there and available to read,

· What genre the book is, although that isn’t a decision maker. As an avid reader I have many different interests; I guess you could call me a multi-genre kind of gal. This is why you see so many different authors and genres on my blog, even though they are almost exclusively fiction.

· Is the book well written or a dud (but let’s face it, even this is an opinion),

· Whether the reviewer liked or hated the book,

· The one thing I want from a review is an honest view as to typos, spelling and grammar errors. I want to know about clarity and consistency. In a word editing; is it a quality product because these things are distracting enough to me to interfere with even the best story.

I’d like to hear, ‘What do you get from a book review’?

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  1. Just as I take reading a movie review, I do the same with a book review, which you get fewer of, than for a movie review.

    How many times have you reader a great review for a movie, only to find it to be lousy? How many times have read a lousy review, only to find it to be great?

    A review is just that, a review. One person's opinion should not dictate what you're going to see/read