Thursday, June 16, 2011

She Cat: Crime fiction Trilogy by Nastasza Luca

A big city, a woman, a string of deaths -- are they connected? SHE-CAT introduces to crime fiction lovers the newest anti-hero ¬Felicia Sampson. A reporter for the LA Times Felicia moves about the City of Angeles -- Los Angeles -- with a sociopathic vengeance that spells a troubled past.

In part one of this crime novella trilogy, "The Frisky Apartment Dweller", Felicia has just moved away from Northridge, and unexplained circumstances, to North Hollywood.
With the best trait a reporter can possess -- curiosity ¬Felicia roams her new North Hollywood neighborhood hell bent on revenge over incidents from her past.

She soon discovers that she lives kitty-corner from Janey Molson and her brutish boyfriend, Jesse. Felicia sets up a mischievous game of cat and mouse with her over-eager neighbor, Jesse. She purrs, he pants; while his mousey girlfriend, Janey, worries that our main character may steal her man. But a dalliance with Jesse is probably not what Felicia has in mind.

Meanwhile, in "Meow And The Moving Truck" Felicia puts her plans to deal with Jesse into play. We learn that our main character suffers from flashbacks that only partially explain her sociopathic tendencies. What is it in Felicia's past that has created such an opportunistic man-hater?

Drawn in by her neighbor's over-confidence and flirty style in "Here Kitty, Kitty", Janey develops a curiosity which leads her to the brink of disaster. As Janey makes a series of startling discoveries about her alpha-neighbor the tables are turned. We learn that 'life back on the farm' in Felicia's home state of Ohio may have had its hazards; revealing what happened to Felicia's mother and her pesky boyfriend, Roy.

In the end Felicia finally finds the love that has so eluded her all of her life. But there's no Hollywood Wrap to this story!
A Crime Trilogy ¬with a surprise ending. 9,500 words.

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