Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A World I Never Made by James LePore –#Review @JimLePore

AWorldINeverMadeWords like riveting, compelling and page-turner are so overused they have become less than they should be. The problem here is they describe this suspense thriller rather aptly.

James LePore has created a plot so gripping, so absorbing that you literally cannot put it down and on occasion even begin to imagine yourself in the character’s situation.

Pat Nolan has been summoned to Paris to identify the body of his daughter. Any parent can imagine the anguish he feels as he waits for the sheet to be lowered. Then he’s looking at her face and realizes this is not his daughter. Although they have been estranged for some time, Pat knows the only reason Megan would have faked her suicide would be to escape terrible trouble. He identifies the body as his Megan’s and then begins the search for his daughter.

The cryptic clues lead him across France where he finds romance, and has run-ins with gypsies, terrorists and collaborators. The plot and subplots are tightly entertwined and masterfully written. The characters are formidable leading readers through a chronicle of passion, commitment and suspense.

Reviewed by Lynnette Phillips

About the Author: James LePore sold his law practice in 1999 to write full-time. ‘A World I Never Made’ is his first novel published by The Story Plant. He also writes short stories. To learn more about James LePore visit his website at

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