Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Chills by John McDonnell - #Review

Big Chills

I’ve become a John McDonnell fan and his latest collection of short stories has not let me down.

His talent shows equally well whether he’s writing humor, poetry or horror. This time though he has treated us to suspense thriller shorts. He brings you right to the edge of your seat and then with a hint of an O. Henry twist you fall against the back of your chair shaking your head because you couldn’t have been so gullible…but you were!

Even the Babysitter, the Clairvoyant and the Don fell for his magic.

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Author Bio:
John McDonnell discovered books and writing when just six years old. He’s published several short story collections, writes several blogs and has released a book called The Christmas Gift. John is now a full-time writer. He lives outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife and four children.
Visit his John's blog site McDonnell Writing

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