Monday, July 11, 2011

Havasu Means Blue Water by Ivory Simone #Kindle

Havasue_Means_Blue_Water_coverAuthor/Activist Ivory Simone has forged a gripping story that masters the importance of speech and dialogue relaying  the emotions and strengths of the solid characters presented in the tale of Lyla Amir whose research for her master’s thesis brings the past into the present.

‘Havasu Means Blue Water’ examines the long ago lynching of a black farmer and his wife but while this is the main foundation of the story we are introduced to subplots linked to the contemporary story of Lyla, her research and her life.

The story, past and present, of fictional Wilburn, AZ where the subjects of Lyla’s research lived and died is both repellant and bittersweet. It is also where Lyla finds strength and an unexpected ally.

Ivory-SimoneAuthor Bio: Ivory Simone is an author and poet currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. Ms. Simone is the author of two books, “Havasu Means Blue Water”, a literary fiction about a dying southwestern town’s rocky road to redemption, and, “The Rainy Season, The Poems, Prose and Writings of Ivory Simone”, a collection of poems, prose and essays written. Both books are available at

Ms. Simone is the creator and host of two online programs: “Bangkok Poetry Streams”, podcasts devoted to the reading and enjoyment of poetry and prose (, and, “Take A Bite Out The Big Mango”, a popular blogtalkradio show about ex-pat lifestyles and happenings in-and-around Bangkok ( ).

Ms. Simone is the founder of the OneWoman/OneHouse Organization. A grassroots group committed to helping rebuild Haiti by using art as a tool for social justice. She is currently raising funds to build a safe house for rape victims in Haiti. For more information about this effort go to the:OneWoman/OneHouse website.  Ms. Simone also launched a facebook action group to raise public awareness about the pervasive racial discrimination people of African descent face in countries all around the world called, “The Lift Every Voice Campaign: A Million Voices Raised Against Global Racism”.   Follow this link to find out more about the campaign:

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