Monday, August 1, 2011

Signs and Wonders by Alex Adena #BookReview @alexadena

Signs and Wonders

Alex Adena gently guides us through the story of Annie Grace, an evangelist working with her charlatan father since she was very young.

I found Annie’s story repellant at first; she had grown up the as the daughter of a con-artist and continued his ministry only because it was all she knew. As I kept reading though and her character developed she became a haunted guilt-ridden victim desperately trying to find a better way. Finally becoming rather beguiling once she has decided in which direction she wants her life to go.

Her father, Billy Grace, dies just as the District Attorney brings charges against Grace Ministries, which includes, of course, Billy and Annie Grace. Annie is left to unravel the mystery of why she has been billed all of these years as a faith healer. She can’t remember having the gift as a child since it left her just as it came…at God’s whim.

Then one day Annie finds a homeless man in an alley and when she tries to find signs of life he’s suddenly well again because of her touch. She’s even more amazed then he is but now she’s very confused.

Alex Adena describes himself: So many labels: Spouse, catAlexAdena herder (4), dog lover, gardener, writer, Christian, Alfred Hitchcock buff, air guitar player, optimist, serial house rehabber, long-suffering Pittsburgh Pirates fan, dill pickle aficionado, user of nom de plumes.

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