Wednesday, September 7, 2011

James LePore Author Extraordinaire @JimLepore #Fiction #Action #Suspense

Jim gifted his three novels, A World I Never Made, Blood of My Brother, Princes and Sons and the prequel, Anyone Can Die, to me earlier this year. I was so thrilled to receive them I dove right in.

The suspense and emotion he so adeptly imparts to his readers is stunning. The depiction of the action and narrative of the scenes is so vivid I felt I was there with the characters.

I felt such a strong connection to the characters in all of the novels it surprised me…that is until I read Sons and Princes.

Before you think otherwise, I hasten to add that I enjoyed Sons and Princes just as much as all of the others it’s just that there wasn’t the connection with the characters for me that had been there in the other works. 

Sons and Princes had all of the plot twists, suspense and emotion that Mr. LePore is so skillful at strategizing, I’m not really sure what the problem was; maybe it was the mafia connection I wasn’t able to relate to.

Skillful strategizing, plot twists, strong emotion, continual action equals a novel by James LePore and shouldn’t be missed!

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