Monday, September 5, 2011

Humor Author Alanna Parke Kvale Reaches Out With Her New Book ~ Widowhood Is Not Funny

When it comes to writing, you always hear, “write what you know, write from your own experiences.” For many years, I did just that, and tried to find the humorous side to everything-marriage, kids, everyday life-no problem.

I’ve written about the internet, video games, car repairs and couch potatoes. I even found the funny side to one of my passions-crochet. I wrote about being a Craft Junkie.

Widowhood-bookcoverThe last few years however, it’s been impossible to find the humorous side to my present circumstances. In February of 2004, I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack, and so became, in a heartbeat, a widow.

I looked carefully at every angle, searching for any clue to humor in the subject, but there’s nothing there. Widowhood is simply not funny. What I did learn is that Life is funny, sometimes even hilarious, rib-tickling, side-splitting, knee-slapping funny. But Death is not, no way, never going to happen, simple as that.

However, a good writer writes about everything that she experiences. I’ve journaled for decades and this period in my life was no exception, though it has been painful to record. I told myself that writing about this experience was necessary for me, as well as for others. No one can avoid the loss of loved ones forever.

It took three years before I found the courage and strength to sit down and put it into words; it hurt too damn much. The sadness would overpower me and I’d push it away, unable to face the pain. I worked on the book for a year, all the while dealing with depression, anger and fear.

Whether that little voice that kept admonishing me to finish the book was God speaking to me, or a really impatient Muse, I don’t know. Nevertheless, Widowhood Is Not Funny is now finished, published as an e-book and available for all e-readers or to read on your computer. It’s a guidebook for new widows and is intended to help them along this journey, past the grief and into a new future.

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  1. Alanna has helped me during my time of suffering after the loss of my wife. Widowhood Is Not Funny is not only for the ladies. It has helped me and I belive could be helpful to many other men who have or will some day lose a spouse.
    Great work, Alanna!
    Your friend,

  2. Hi Lynnette,

    I found this blog through LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing. It sounds as though this was a difficult (almost impossible) subject for you to write about, but I hope that completing the book had a cathartic effect. I feel certain your experiences will help others in a similar situation. Your late husband would be proud of you, I'm sure. Best wishes.

  3. Richard-I'm happy I could help in even a small way. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Jane-So glad you found Lynnette's blog. Yes, it was a difficult subject, but writing about it did help & I pray it helps others get through this journey. Thanks for the kind words.