Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Hot Water by Erin Brockovich and CJ Lyons

I thoroughly enjoyed Erin Brockovich's and CJ Lyons' first novel, Rock Bottom; I thought they wouldn't be able to top it but I was wrong.

Hot Water keeps you enthralled from the first page. The authors' ability to interweave the scientific detail regarding the workings of a nuclear plant with the characters' story amazed me.

AJ Paladino is off to a South Carolina nuclear facility to witness the plant's operational and construction details, learn about its safety precautions and then convince Colleton River's opponents their concerns are unfounded.

Back home, Elizabeth Hardy, the legal half of AJ's environmental advocacy firm is trying to keep AJ's family from unraveling.

Hot Water is incredibly intense, suspenseful and wonderfully full of twists and turns. Be sure to set aside several uninterrupted reading hours before opening the cover.

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  1. I haven't read a book for three years. Maybe I'll start over with this one.