Friday, January 20, 2012

Smartphones "Read" QR Codes in Libraries | QR codes and 2D

For many of our readers, libraries have always meant a cool respite from the clamor of the outside world. Whether in a school environment or a public venue, libraries have represented solace, escape and information to millions of Americans for over a century.
But libraries and librarians have not become stuck in the past. The increasingly diverse evolution of technology has opened doors to a variety of users, at the same time making the librarian's work a little easier.
The newest technology is tied directly to the proliferation of smart phones. Many libraries across the country have adopted the Quick Response (QR) Code to harness, assimilate and disperse information to patrons and readers. For example, scanning QR Codes within a library may help the user find a specific book, get the call number, learn where the book is located within the library, and whether it is available. Other uses of QR codes include ways to copy scanned content for later use, the ability to email the information to someone else, and the ability to save the content.

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