Saturday, February 11, 2012

Riptide by Paul Levine (Reviewed by Lynnette Phillips)

It got so I had to read the next Solomon & Lord novel by Paul Levine. They were, well, basically fun and exuberant; I could even imagine two of my favorite actors, Tracy & Hepburn, in the title roles.

I didn’t find any of those qualities in Riptide. I even began to wonder if I’d mistaken the author for someone else.

In all fairness the book started out impressively with well developed characters and a plot with great potential. Then my interest began to peter out. I lost the ‘what’s going to happen next’ anxiousness as the action became just too predictable.

I’m sorry Mr. Levine, I was so looking forward to a new favorite.

If you want to check this book out go to

Book Synopsis: Jake Lassiter chases a beautiful woman and stolen bonds from Miami to Maui, where in an explosive finale, he learns lessons never taught on the football field or in the courtroom. 

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