Monday, March 12, 2012

THE CORDERO SAGA - Book 2 - Legend of the Sierra Madre - RLB Hartmann

One continuing adventure

Northwest Mexico in the 1880's
......a land of vast, largely uninhabited plains broken by rugged mountains,
canyons and caves wherein -- it was said -- wild animals, Apaches,
and evil spirits lurked.

Nineteen leather sacks filled with gold coins
and over 500 pounds of bullion
remained hidden at La Nariz, a remote landmark somewhere
near Ciudad Chihuahua, until the early 1960's.

What happened on that stormy afternoon
when three cowboys sought shelter in a cave
has been told by the late Joe K. Parrish in his article
"The Disappearing Gold of La Nariz"

How the treasure came to be there is another story.

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  1. Thank you, Lynnette! Seeing this here made my day. Now...must gather material for Los Pobres....