Friday, April 6, 2012

Ghost Stories And The Unexplained - Book Two by Emily Hill

Is it because of unfinished business, being separated from loved ones or something else? Who knows for sure but the dearly departed return and more often than we know. Emily has been a chosen participant in these visits from the other world and once again shares the experiences with us. There's no need to be frightened but an open and adventurous mind increases the thrill factor ten-fold!


  1. Dear Lynnette,

    It is SUCH a delight to be one of your clients!

    I am getting Wildly Favorable reactions from the Book Trailer for 'Ghost Stories and The Unexplained: Book TWO' .. from BOTH SIDES of the Great Divide! ;D


  2. So thrilled to hear it Emily! BTW, not to brag but this site is getting 1700+ visitors per month.