Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Measure of Disorder by Alan Tucker #Review #YA

reviewed by Lynnette Phillips

When Jenni  and her eighth grade science class go on  a field trip the last thing anyone expects is an adventure in survival when they are mysteriously transported to a magical world.

Alan Tucker has presented us with a well written tale of bravery and determination in a strange land where a group of eighth grade students, their teachers and chaperones have found themselves. Come along as they learn to adapt and survive. Enjoy the adventure and share it with your favorite young reader.

About the Author

Alan Tucker, author of A Measure of Disorder and A Cure for Chaos, is a dad, a graphic designer, and a soccer coach. Mostly in that order. He's had a lifelong adoration of books, beginning with Encyclopedia Brown, progressing through Alan Dean Foster's Flinx, and continuing on with the likes of Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine and Naomi Novik, to name a few.

"I wanted to write a book that I'd enjoy reading. One that I hoped my kids would enjoy too!"

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