Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interview with Mark H. Kruger, author of young adult thriller, Overpowered #YA

by Mark F. of Boing-Boing

Despite appearances to the contrary, sinister things are happening behind the squeaky-clean facade of Barrington, Colorado.
When Nica Ashley, a free-spirited high schooler, is sent there to live with her divorced father, she bristles at the curfew, the deadbolts, the rules, and the restrictions enforced by the private security arm of BarTech, the company that runs the town. When she asks her father about the strange things she's noticed, her father evades her questions. But Nica needs to know what's going on. She teams up with the high school's rebels and outcasts to find out, and what she learns changes her in greater ways than she could have imagined. Overpowered is Mark H. Kruger's first novel, a young adult thriller about a town with a dark secret.
I spoke with Mark about Overpowered. We also talked about our love for the work ofRosemary's Baby and The Stepford Wives author Ira Levin, Shirley Jackon's "The Lottery," and more.
Mark F.: I'm a fan of Ira Levin. I really likedRosemary's Baby and The Stepford Wives. They are both about a male family member deceiving a woman for personal gain. I was wondering -- did you think of Levin's work at all when you wrote Overpowered?

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