Friday, November 8, 2013

It Was OK But...Return to Dead City by Mike Reuther

I usually don't finish books that I just can't connect with in some way but with this one I couldn't figure out what the problem was. The main character is an ex-cop turned private detective who returns to his hometown which boasts a minor league baseball team. I didn't disagree with the umpire's calls on the plays...there weren't any. The more minor characters were a bit lacking in development but not enough to stop reading. The plotline and ending flowed into each other alright. I was stumped. So I just kept reading.

Usually when a book doesn't 'grab' me I just stop reading and move on but I had to solve this conundrum. If I could just put my finger on the problem I could let this problem wasn't bad editing (my newest pet peeve is worse vs worst), poor grammar or storyline, or simply not my cup of tea. Finally I got it.

I couldn't develop an affinity for the main character, Cozzy! The only reason this was a page-turner for me was because I had to figure this out.

Sorry Mike, maybe next time.

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