Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber Read by Ben Stiller #ShortStory

When I was a child (about 6) my uncle gave me Bambi recorded on LP records for Christmas. I'd sit there enthralled every time I listened (which was often). It was just like watching from behind the leaves in the forest. I felt all of the emotion; I cried every time. I was taken to another world. I loved books and I loved being read to.

As I grew up though being read to didn't please me as much as reading to myself. When I did the reading I could imagine the voices of the characters in my head, the way they were dressed, the surroundings but when it came to audiobooks though I was always disappointed. I'd get bored and my mind would wander off and I'd find I'd missed entire chapters or I'd just fall asleep.

Other people seemed to be enjoying audiobooks though and I had to admit that there were times it would be nice to enjoy a story while doing something mindless with your hands. Maybe I was missing out on something.

So I found a short story (only 15 min) by an author I knew I'd enjoy. Actor Ben Stiller read the tale so I was sure it wouldn't just be a monotone but there'd be some shared emotion...I hoped. It was even a FREE download from Audible.com. I could listen on my kindle. Mind you this was an experiment.

I haven't seen the newest release of the movie because I'm a snob and can't imagine anyone but Danny Kaye in the role. But maybe I'll change my mind. The story was written and the movie made in the 1940s so that's how I saw the cars and clothes of the characters but the period doesn't matter. Mr. Stiller took me back to the same listening pleasure I found with Bambi. Smiles and all.

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