Monday, June 2, 2014

A Modern Day Plague? The Moses Virus by Jack Hyland

Archeologists on a dig in modern day Rome discover a long buried virus. Developed by the Nazis and hidden away in a secret lab beneath the Forum who knew of it's existence? Forensic archaeologist Tom Stewart seeks out the clues and races to stop and destroy the powerful virulent strain from being unleashed via the world's food supply. 

The Moses Virus is a  brilliant and brainy suspense thriller that leads us across Europe revealing secrets kept deep within the Vatican and introduces us to the sinister mind that wants to use the vicious strain to control the world. 

Jack Hyland pens a rich historical background, dramatic scenery and a perverse plot that turns a sedate archeology professor into an adventurous sleuth out to learn the truth and stop a madman.

Just when you thought there was nothing thought provoking being offered in the fiction world along comes this surprising and amazing read!

Jack Hyland is the author of a number of travel articles syndicated by Hearst and the New York Times, as well as a biography, Evangelism’s First Modern Media Star: The Life of Reverend Bill Stidger, which Brendan Gill (author of Here at The New Yorker) proclaimed “an excellent piece of work . . . a remarkable accomplishment.”

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