Thursday, March 10, 2011

Twice A Spy Written By Keith Thomson

Review By Cy Hilterman

Even though the story started out, as least in my mind, a bit slow and confusing, when everything did come together it was great. The storylines, characters, locations, and activity made me want to get to the next page to check on what Keith Thomson did with his characters. The confusing 51cmsuwKRvL__SL160_part to me was determining who the "good guys" were and who was against them, but it did come together. Charlie and Alice were CIA or were they spies? Was Charlie being followed or shadowed by someone and were they friendly or otherwise? Could he go to the racetrack in peace and possibly get away with some recreation along with some spying? Charlie and his father, Drummond, who had been a spy but was now suspected of possibly having Alzheimer's at times, worked well together well but was Drummond suffering from the disease or was this a ruse to make people think that?

Charlie got in and, sometimes out of trouble by himself, but many times Drummond came to his rescue.
The locations were all over the world where many strange things occurred and many strange people came into play, some claiming to be law enforcement and others just there for unknown reasons-at least at first until missions became clearer. Alice, Charlie's love, was in the action but then became busy working elsewhere keeping in touch most of the time through coded words and phrases. The center of attention was a weapon, ADM's (atomic demolition munitions) that spies from many areas of the world were trying to purchase or steal to sell to various governments. Charlie was trying to sell them but he was one of the few that knew they were only dummy ADM's, not the real thing. Others that tried to gain the weapon did not know they were fake so they went to all extremes of killing, hunting, torturing, kidnapping (including Alice), and going anywhere to follow clues as to the weapons location.

As the shooting continues, sometimes Charlie was shot; Drummond was shot, along with them shooting many others in their attempt to avoid certain spies. There are airplane flights piloted by friends and enemies at various times. Sometimes those pilots were Charlie and/or Drummond, knowing or not knowing what they were doing. There were also sea chases as the avoidance of enemies continued. Capture and escape of friends and enemies were quite adventurous and original. Hiding "in plain sight" occurs but it doesn't always work to evade those searching. Snipers who attempted to hit their mark were sometimes successful wounding or actually killing some good guys, as well as bad ones. Would Drummond get worse or better from the Alzheimer's and would an attempt to find medical help work?

If you are not hooked on "Twice A Spy" by now you must not like spy stories. The action continues non-stop and what you expect to occur rarely does. I do recommend this book to anyone liking an action packed spy thriller.

Reader review by Cy Hilterman of a book supplied by the publisher

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