Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SHE-CAT ~ A Novella ~ on eReaders, Now!

Author, Natasza Luca begged A.V. Harrison Publishing to let her try her hand at erotica after hearing Miss Melodia's publisher say three little words at a cocktail party, "readers love sex."
And then it occurred to Natasza, "Isn't 'private reading' why people buy Nooks and Kindles?"
So, why not? Natasza, who usually writes straight-laced, research-based manuscripts has torn off her corset-stays for this series! Crime, Sex, and Satire...the purrfect combination:
Read SHE-CAT 'The Full Works' or take the novella in little niblets. For mature audiences who can appreciate the turn of a phrase. On Kindle and Nook.

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